Aug 3, 2012
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I gotta give props to AT.  How often is a topic like this done in a cartoon?  Someone getting over their main love interest and finding someone new.  Yeah, you have those cartoons where they have a crush on a character but it turns out they’re a villain, but that usually only lasts a few episodes.

PB’s a main character, and Finn’s had a crush on her since the beginning.  And instead of dragging it out longer, they end it off, and he finds someone new.  I just… have a huge amount of respect for that :’D  So often you see cartoons/shows where the main characters end up with or even get married to their high school crushes or whatever.  That’s not always the case, and that’s ok.  It’s fine to have heartbreak and move on.

Also the fact that they did it without ever shaming or disrespecting PB in the process. 

Oh shiiit, Adventure Time just got real.

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